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A whole-home generator is a big investment. Make sure you have all the answers to your questions.

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Whether you're thinking about having a whole-home generator installed, or have questions about your existing one, you'll find the answers here.

Home and Installation Questions

We have a broad service area covering SE Michigan. If you want us to install your generator, give us a call!

The size of the generator depends on your home’s power requirements. A professional assessment can determine the appropriate size based on your specific needs. 

Generator costs vary depending on size, brand, features, and installation requirements. You can view our range of recommended generators here, but the best way to know how much one would cost for your home would be to contact us for a personalized quote.

Permit requirements vary by location. Our team will ensure that all necessary permits are obtained before installing your generator.

A properly installed and maintained whole-home generator can enhance the value of your property, offering peace of mind to potential buyers.

Installation times vary depending on factors like generator size, location, and electrical setup. Our team will provide a timeline tailored to your specific installation requirements.

Generator placement depends on factors like local building codes, safety regulations, and proximity to your home’s electrical system. Our experts will help you choose the best location for installation.

Typically, yes. But the best way to know about your home specifically is to get a free quote from GenPro.

Generator Specific Questions

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. We recommend annual maintenance, yes, especially if your unit hasn’t ran in that year. Learn why here.

Generators are designed to run for extended periods during power outages. The duration depends on factors like fuel capacity and load demand. Our team can advise you on estimated run times based on your generator model.

Whole-home generators are designed to operate quietly. The noise level varies based on the model and load, but most are comparable to a running car engine from a distance.

Whole-home generators typically run on natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel. The choice depends on your home’s fuel availability and your preferences.

Yes, whole-home generators are designed to provide backup power to your entire home, including essential appliances and systems.

All our recommended whole-home generators are equipped with automatic transfer switches, enabling them to start within seconds of detecting a power loss.

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Our team has extensive knowledge on all aspects of generators, from installation and maintenance to troubleshooting and beyond.

We take pride in our expertise and are more than happy to provide clarification or guidance on any inquiries you may have regarding generators, our services, or any related topics.

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